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We are a group of current or former PhD students from different place around the world. We shared the idea that being a postgraduate student is not always a party time.

The PhD student needs information, a LOT, but the problem is that it is really easy to drown in the continuous tsunamis of data you get from the web.

How long do you spend looking for what you need? it is ridiculous, life is not meant to be wasted on search engines.

The needs of a PhD student are quite specific and varied simultaneously ; the status and the speciality tends to narrow them while the life style require knowledge from highly different areas.


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Ph.D. Life

All about postgrad student life; health, advices and testimonies.


Tips, tools and tricks to hack Ph.D. lifestyle

Writings and Talks

How to write your thesis, your articles, present your work, … and succeed

The PhD lounge, the place to find everything a PhD student needs: info, tools, links, …help.

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