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Academic writing for non-native speakers

Your first abstract has been accepted, and you are feeling overwhelmed with joy as you’ll be able to present your work for the very first time to an interested audience.


But then you stop for a moment and realize that you’ll have to write in English. You’ll have to write in good, academic English.

Academic writing is a skill all PhD students need to learn during their program, and writing in English as well as in your institution’s language both are part of learning how to write like a fully-fledged researcher.


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Distractions range from external annoyances like loud phone talkers or next street roadwork to self-distractions such as Facebook, personal email, or surfing the Web.

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Quote of the week

Every thesis begins with a single keystroke

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Using a microscope for hours can be painful. Your eyes get red, your back is sour, even your arms ache of constantly focusing. The Ph.D. Lounge pooled all the tips and tools that a microscopist student should know on the new page: Microscope comfort

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